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Efficient ventilation in offices: Best conditions for a good working climate

Office buildings must have a permanently good air quality because

  • A multitude of studies consistently conclude that indoor air quality has a significant influence on the performance of employees,

  • VDI 6022 sets precise standards for proper hygienic indoor air,

  • The jurisdiction and the technical rules for workplaces define the maximum reasonable temperature for office buildings (26 °C).

The best results are achieved with high fresh air flow rates during hygienically proper air treatment. On hot summer days, active cooling of the incoming air is crucial to maintaining comfortable room temperatures in most cases, but can often be achieved with an adiabatic evaporative cooling at low operating costs.

We use highly efficient recovery systems for heating, cooling and humidity in order to minimize the cost of air treatment.

So that the components used are fully effective, we prefer to deliver our equipment with our own control systems which we precisely adapt to the customer-specific conditions. Optionally, our control systems can be connected to the existing building control system and can be used for remote monitoring.

We operate the Kompakt Line and Blue Line series of equipment in our range of products here.

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Selected objects

Headquarters of Oldenburgischen Landesbank

A central ventilation unit was delivered for the headquarters of Oldenburgische Landesbank (OLB) in Oldenburg.

Application: Office air conditioning

Units installed: Blue Line eco-R with 30,000 m3/h

Specific features: Individually configured units with rotary heat exchangers

Stadtwerke Lemgo

The public utility guarantees reliable energy supply for Lemgo, and almost completely from its own production. We have supplied the air conditioning technology with highly efficient HANSA Blue Line Accu units for the extension of the administration building.

Application: Air conditioning for the administration building

Units installed: Blue Line Accu

Specific features: Weather-resistant design for outdoor installation of the unit. Heat recovery through an Accubloc (Polybloc)

Eastsite Mannheim

The Eastsite is an office park on the outskirts of Mannheim near the market area. HANSA provided here already the 11. air conditioner. The buildings have a lot of office space and is trendsetting due to technical innovation, new standards in sustainability, resource conservation and climate protection. Here is the HANSA air-solution a key component.


Application: Climatisation of the Eastside VIII

Unit installed: AHU for the whole building, weather-proof device for roof-top installation

Specific features: energy recovery through an Accubloc, anticorrosive coating and integration of the house automation

Tourist-Information Saarlouis

The district of Saarlouis maintains the tourist information am Großen Markt 1. It informs tourists and locals about the region and offers support and promotion for the local hospitality industry. At its 200th anniversary, the listed building was renovated. Since April 2016, this building has a HANSA air conditioner.

Application: Climatisation of the premises of the tourist Information centre Saarlouis.

Unit installed: Central ventilation unit with control and mechanical refrigeration system and additional refrigeration system to supply external consumers such as ceiling air circulation equipment with cold water.

Specific features: Heating, cooling and additional cold water production, energy recovery from the return air by using a plate heat exchanger.

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