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Innovation and development have been key elements of our work since the company was founded. Thus we have played, and continue to play, a crucial role in significant innovations in the area of space ventilation technology. Our guiding principle is the

Reduction of energy and operating costs

The following milestones offer a brief overview of innovations initiated and introduced by HANSA:

1989 - Two-sided intake fans with a housing and belt drive are equipped with a motor with two speed stages for energy savings.

1990 - Selection of a more suitable frequency converter for fan drives. First fitting of fans in HANSA HVAC equipment with speed control. High energy savings through power adjustment.

1990 - Field trials and test series with the first EC fans from Ziehl-Abegg. Close cooperation and joint development of the products with the former developer Gert Häussermann.

1991 - Standard use of the new, highly efficient EC fans from Ziehl-Abegg in the equipment for the Deutsche Telekom AG and other projects. Additional energy savings through the omission of the second filter stage after the fan (direct drive without belts).

Recording of nozzle pressure/volume flow characteristic curves for the fans in the HANSA measurement laboratory. Possibility of precisely determining the air volume of the fans by determining the "K values" of the fans.

Fitting the HVAC equipment with integrated control cabinets and DDC control (Stäfa DDC). Internal programming for optimal operating modes of the HVAC equipment.

1992 to 1995 - Use of "open" fan impellers without housing for HVAC equipment with an average pressure level (up to approx. 1000 Pa). Drive via frequency converter and EC technology. Increase of the system efficiency through very good performance values of the fans.

Development of the redundancy series of equipment for the German telecom.

Development of the DV series of equipment (now: Free Line units) for the German telecom: Space-saving heat dissipating units from 1500 m3/h for server rooms and data centers with free cooling.

1999 - Development of bivalent SMART ceiling cooling systems and HVAC equipment.

2000 - Development of our own frequency converter (inverter). All relevant parameters of the fans are preset for a trouble-free commissioning.

2001 - Production of the first Slim Line units. Operation with 230 V AC and with 60 V DC (emergency generating unit power from batteries). Start of collaboration with ebm-papst. Serial use of EC radial fans.

2002 - Market launch of the Accubloc units, heat recovery rates up to 95%.

2006 - Development of the compact unit series HKG-P (now: Kompakt Line) with and without integrated cooling.

2008 - Development of the compact unit series HKG-K-GP (now: Kompakt Line): Compact units with ceiling integration between 800 and 1600 m3/h.

2009 to 2010 - Development of Slim Line Q7 and Slim Line Q15.

2011 - Market launch of the Blue Line ASB system (adiabatic spray humidification/evaporative cooling).

2015 - Market launch of HANSA EtaCool - Use of inverter-controlled compressors in integrated cooling systems of HVAC equipment.

2016 - Commissioning of our new test facilities for future tailored AHU development.

2020 - Market launch etaConnect®

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