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Optimized indirect adiabatic cooling Blue Line ASB+

We have optimized our system for indirect adiabatic evaporation cooling.

In the course of a project supported by the NBank we carried out detailed investigations for the optimization of our indirect adiabatic spray humidification.

Among other things, it was investigated whether an additional spraying and a justifiable increase in water consumption can achieve a significant improvement in cooling performance.

Furthermore, intensive investigations were carried out in order to further optimize the existing system. The aim was to achieve an improved cooling capacity with reduced water consumption.

As a result, we succeeded in increasing the cooling capacity by approx. 16% compared to the basic configuration with a water consumption reduced by approx. 36%.

In addition, we were able to determine that intermediate humidification only results in a slightly higher cooling capacity, but this can only be achieved with significantly higher water consumption.

Our optimised Blue Line ASB+ system is now used for all units with indirect adiabatic spray cooling.

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