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Sustainability and responsibility

Today, the careful use of resources is a matter of course. HANSA is one of the companies in whose departments the ecological future of the industry has been and is being written: Design, control and refrigeration technology develop solutions to maintain consistently high standards with ever less energy input.

But that is no longer enough. We have set out to operate in a sustainably climate-neutral way. That is why we have had the carbon footprint of both our company and our products determined and compensate for them with climate protection certificates.

This makes our company the first in our industry to compensate its operational and product-related emissions and offer climate-neutral manufactured air handling units.


Climate change is a huge challenge and the defining issue of our time. The consequences of global warming are becoming more and more tangible and the pressure on politicians and companies is rising. There is now a global consensus that we urgently need to counteract man-made climate change.

Successful emission reductions depend to a large extent on the voluntary and consistent actions of industry in the industrialised countries. Thus, we at Hansa Klimasysteme are also prepared to take responsibility for the world we leave to our children and grandchildren.

Greenhouse gases are distributed evenly in the atmosphere. Therefore, it makes sense to avoid emissions where the costs are lowest. In addition, projects in emerging and developing countries contribute to improving the economic, social and ecological situation and support the realisation of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. For emerging and developing countries, emissions trading is an essential driver for the transfer of clean technologies and sustainable economic development.

The greenhouse gas balance prepared by Fokus Zukunft provides a transparent overview of the greenhouse gas emissions of our company and our products. The report is thus an important building block in our climate protection commitment. Based on the key figures determined, we are now deriving concrete savings measures at the site level and in our supply chain. To complement this, we have offset the greenhouse gas emissions caused by operational and product-related activities by purchasing a total of 5,970 climate protection certificates for September 2020 to August 2021. With these certificates, we support a sustainable reforestation project in Uruguay, awarded with the Verified Carbon Standard, and a hydropower project in Uganda, certified under the sovereignty of the United Nations.

We have set out on the path to a sustainable future. Would you like to accompany us?


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