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The operating conditions for air conditioning units in the industrial sector are as diverse as industrial production itself. Manufacturing processes often require exact adherence to defined air conditions. When handling food and in pharmaceutical processes, there is also very strict criteria for the air quality that must be met.

However, these diverse projects always have one criterion in common: More than anywhere else in the industry, the profitability of an investment is the focus of the decision makers. Only those who withstand a critical analysis of the investment and operating costs of the air conditioning system have a chance in this segment.

We satisfy this requirement with the equipment from the Blue Line and Free Line series that has been designed for this purpose.

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Selected objects

Converter station DolWin3


Converter station DolWin3

The DolWin3 project is an important component of the German energy transition. Its primary function is to provide the low-loss transport of offshore wind power to consumers ashore by using the high-voltage direct current transmission method.

The essential components in this operation are the converter station located in Dörpen (Emsland) and the approx. 160 km cable leads from the offshore wind farms to the station.

HANSA equipped the converter station in Dörpen with the necessary air-conditioning and cooling technology. In the reactor hall, four supply-air units at 80,000 m³ / h and six return-air units at 33,500 m³ / h were used. The two throttle halls were equipped with two Free Line devices, each with 70,000 m³ / h.


Application: Air conditioning and cooling of the converter station in Dörpen.
Units installed: Ten supply- and return-air devices in weather-proof design in roof installation for ventilating the reactor hall; four Free Line units for climate control of the throttle halls.
Specific features: Paint partly in green according to the building color, DDC and control of HANSA, channel and device assembly by HANSA. Free Line devices with integrated refrigeration system.

Klingele Papierwerke

The paper mill of the Klingele Papierwerke in Weener produces raw paper since 1958. Affiliated to the site are a biological waste water treatment and a waste-to-power plant for the production of thermal and electrical energy. This paper mill is one of the first to be certified according to international environmental standards. We have produced a variety of customized climate control solutions in our longstanding cooperation.

Application: Climatisation of different areas of the site

Units installed: Miscellaneous AHU for indoor and outdoor installation

Specific features: Individually adapted units for different operation purposes, completely stainless AHUs

UPM Nordland Papier GmbH

During our more than 20 years of collaboration with UPM Nordland Papier GmbH, various systems have been delivered for a variety of applications, which have contributed to a significant increase in energy efficiency during paper production.

To date, more than 550 air conditioning units have been delivered. These units consist of roof units and indoor units, in part with mechanical cooling systems.

Key aspects of the individual projects:

  • Fulfillment of high requirements for the air quality
  • Resistance of the units in an industrial environment

Wergona Schokoladen GmbH

At Wergona Schokoladen GmbH, chocolate products are produced on an industrial scale in one of the world's largest and most modern factories of its kind.

An air conditioning unit with a flow rate of 10 000 m3/h was delivered for this production facility.

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