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In rooms that are used by many people, such as e.g. in banks, hotels and restaurants, as well as in schools and universities, a comfortable, pleasant temperature and healthy indoor climate without drafts, noise emissions and unpleasant odors should prevail.

The centralized and decentralized ventilation and air conditioning units from HANSA, represented by our Blue Line and Kompakt Line series of equipment, optimally fulfill all these requirements.

Our units can be adapted to all room sizes and any requirements, and are of course suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. For us, responding to customer requests is not an exception, but the rule.

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Selected objects

Eastsite Mannheim

The Eastsite is an office park on the outskirts of Mannheim near the market area. HANSA provided here already the 11. air conditioner. The buildings have a lot of office space and is trendsetting due to technical innovation, new standards in sustainability, resource conservation and climate protection. Here is the HANSA air-solution a key component.


Application: Climatisation of the Eastside VIII

Unit installed: AHU for the whole building, weather-proof device for roof-top installation

Specific features: energy recovery through an Accubloc, anticorrosive coating and integration of the house automation

Roadhouse Peppenhoven

During the refurbishment of the roadhouse Peppenhoven a HANSA-air-conditioning unit was installed here for the climatisation of salesrooms and the kitchen. Due to the location of the service station on the important north-south link A61 the premises are very busy, this makes high demands on the air conditioning. To meet this, an adiabatic evaporative cooling is installed to pre-cool the incoming air. The residual heat removal takes place, if necessary, by means of cold water coil. For energy recovery, a double plate heat exchanger with a cleaning device is used. Thus, the device achieves the energy efficiency class A +. Furthermore, the device is designed as an outdoor unit for roof mounting. The switch cabinet with the control is integrated in the device.

Application: Air-conditioning of the salesrooms and the kitchen in the roadhouse Peppenhoven.

Unit installed: Central air-conditioning unit in weather-proof design for roof mounting.

Specific features: Cooling the supply air through adiabatic evaporative cooling and cold water coil, if necessary. Energy recovery by using a double plate head exchanger. With enhanced corrosion protection and integrated control cabinet.

Tourist-Information Saarlouis

The district of Saarlouis maintains the tourist information am Großen Markt 1. It informs tourists and locals about the region and offers support and promotion for the local hospitality industry. At its 200th anniversary, the listed building was renovated. Since April 2016, this building has a HANSA air conditioner.

Application: Climatisation of the premises of the tourist Information centre Saarlouis.

Unit installed: Central ventilation unit with control and mechanical refrigeration system and additional refrigeration system to supply external consumers such as ceiling air circulation equipment with cold water.

Specific features: Heating, cooling and additional cold water production, energy recovery from the return air by using a plate heat exchanger.

Lënster Lycée Junglinster

The Lënster Lycée is a high school in the Luxembourg village of Junglinster. To ensure an optimum education of almost 1,400 students, the school got a new building which was inaugurated in November 2014. For air-conditioning matters HANSA air devices are used. Worthy of mention are the extensive sports facilities and the school's own pool.

Application: Air-conditioning of the swimming pool, changing rooms and kitchen area
Units installed: 2 Pool Line units, 3 Blue Line units
Specific features: Delivery of 5 air conditioners for sports, swimming pool and canteen area. As a peculiarity here air conditioners are used with heat pumps or ASB Technology

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