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High demands

Museums house exhibits with high cultural and economic value. Their protection and preservation for subsequent generations require a defined air quality. For this field, equipment from the Blue Line and Kompakt Line series can be used. These are naturally individually adapted for the respective purpose.

The expert construction, design of the components, adjustment of the control to the equipment and the conditions on-site are the prerequisites to meet the often complex requirements.

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Selected objects

Ostfriesisches Landesmuseum Emden

The East Frisian state museum in the Lower Saxony seaport city of Emden exhibits approx. 50,000 objects on the history of the city of Emden and the region of East Frisia.

Application: Air conditioning for the entire museum

Units installed: 11 air conditioning units for different purposes

Specific features: Various individually manufactured air conditioning units

Museum Speyer

Since the early 90's, the technology museum in Speyer exhibits a multitude of designs from automotive and aircraft construction in 25,000 square meters of hall space and 100,000 square meters of open space. Constant air conditions are required to protect the exhibits, which we ensure with our units.

Application: Air conditioning for the hall area

Units installed: 2 Free Line units

Specific features: Suction side 4-flap system

Kunsthalle Emden

"A lively meeting place between people and images." (Henri Nannen) The Kunsthalle Emden is a museum in the Lower Saxony seaport city of Emden. It was founded in 1986 by Henri Nannen (longtime publisher and chief editor of Stern magazine). The HANSA units take over the air conditioning for the entire museum area. How satisfied the museum is with our units is evidenced in a testimonial from the Technical Director of the museum.

Application: Air conditioning for the museum area

Units installed: Three air conditioning units for maintaining the required air quality without any fluctuations

Specific features: Integrated mechanical refrigeration


Hamilton College - Wellin Museum

Hamilton College is a private college in the state of New York that was founded in 1793 and has 1,812 students. The Wellin Museum could be built due to a generous donation from an alumnus. Various HANSA air conditioning units take over the highly complex air conditioning including control of valuable exhibits, in part with integrated cold water production.

Application: Air conditioning for the museum

Units installed: Various air conditioning units for different applications

Specific features: Individually adapted units

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