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Blue Line Accu

The Accubloc is part of the system with the highest recovery efficiencies and forms the central recovery unit in our Blue Line Accu series of equipment.

Outside air and exhaust air is alternately led through storage masses arranged next to each other, which occurs in addition to a highly efficient heat and humidity recovery.

Your advantages when using a Blue Line Accu:

  • Up to 95 % heat recovery
  • Up to 75 % remoistening
  • No freezing
  • No condensation drain required

With appropriate design, which we guarantee, Blue Line Accu units meet the ErP Directive according to Regulation (EU) 1253/2014.

The Blue Line Accu units are also individually configured and designed according to the air conditioning task to be fulfilled. Due to our modular HKG design, the series of equipment can be individually expanded with the necessary components in each case: integrated mechanical cooling or heat pump (also reversible), cold or hot water register, humidification and dehumidification, sterilization, etc.

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Selected objects

Eastsite Mannheim

The Eastsite is an office park on the outskirts of Mannheim near the market area. HANSA provided here already the 11. air conditioner. The buildings have a lot of office space and is trendsetting due to technical innovation, new standards in sustainability, resource conservation and climate protection. Here is the HANSA air-solution a key component.


Application: Climatisation of the Eastside VIII

Unit installed: AHU for the whole building, weather-proof device for roof-top installation

Specific features: energy recovery through an Accubloc, anticorrosive coating and integration of the house automation

Skisporthalle Oberhof

[Translate to Englisch:] Quelle: DKB-Skisport-Halle Oberhof

Germany's only cross-country skiing and biathlon hall is the DKB-Skisporthalle Oberhof. We ensure optimal training conditions with our Blue Line Accu units.

Application: Air conditioning for the ski hall

Units installed: Five HANSA air conditioning units

Specific features: Weather-resistant unit design and Accubloc technology

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

The Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. To date, 34 Nobel Prize winners have studied there and it relies on highly efficient HANSA ventilation technology.

Application: Air conditioning for lecture halls

Units installed: Several HANSA air conditioning units

Specific features: Use of adiabatic spray humidification and Accubloc technology

Parliament building of the German Bundestag, Berlin

The Jakob Kaiser building is part of the parliament complex in Berlin's Mitte district. It is the largest German parliament building. Equipped with 4 HANSA Blue Line Accu units, the highest energy standards are met!

Application: Air conditioning of various areas in the building complex

Units installed: 4 Accubloc units, 1 exhaust air unit

Specific features: Highly efficient Accubloc heat recovery

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