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Blue Line ASB

HANSA's exhaust air side evaporative cooling Blue Line ASB has been a successful model since its introduction: Your investment and operating costs are very low compared to the mechanical cooling and allow a cooling of the outside air up to 13 Kelvin (see figure below).

The HANSA ASB system uses rigidly mounted nozzles, which allow a comprehensive and uniform exhaust air side humidification of the double plate exchanger used. In conjunction with increased corrosion protection of exposed components, the system therefore becomes durable and low-maintenance.

With appropriate design, which we guarantee, our Blue Line ASB units meet the ErP Directive according to Regulation (EU) 1253/2014.

The Blue Line ASB units are individually configured and designed according to the air conditioning task to be fulfilled. Due to our modular HKG design, the series of equipment can be individually expanded with the necessary components in each case: integrated mechanical cooling or heat pump (also reversible), cold or hot water register, humidification and dehumidification, etc.

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operating mode - adiabatic evaporative cooling (ASB)

Adiabatic evaporative cooling in summer operation

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Selected objects

Lënster Lycée Junglinster

The Lënster Lycée is a high school in the Luxembourg village of Junglinster. To ensure an optimum education of almost 1,400 students, the school got a new building which was inaugurated in November 2014. For air-conditioning matters HANSA air devices are used. Worthy of mention are the extensive sports facilities and the school's own pool.

Application: Air-conditioning of the swimming pool, changing rooms and kitchen area
Units installed: 2 Pool Line units, 3 Blue Line units
Specific features: Delivery of 5 air conditioners for sports, swimming pool and canteen area. As a peculiarity here air conditioners are used with heat pumps or ASB Technology

Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik, Obertshausen

The textile machine factory founded by Karl Meyer as a family business in 1937 has since become the world's number one in the field of warp knitting technology.

Application: Air conditioning for the production area

Units installed: Blue Line ASB with an air flow of 40 000 m3

Specific features: Completely insulated frames and panels

Technische Universität München

Photo credit: Technical University of Munich, Munich FOTAG aerial view

The Technical University of Munich is the only technical university in Bavaria. With its 38,000 students, it is one of the largest technical universities in Germany. Our Blue Line eco-R and Blue Line PT/DPT units ensure the right climate for excellent teaching and research.

Application: Air conditioning for various areas in the building complex

Units installed: Various ventilation units

Specific features: Plate and rotary heat exchangers as heat recovery units, in part with integrated cooling


Spreewaldtherme Burg

Located in the middle of the UNESCO Spreewald biosphere reserve, the Spreewaldtherme provides a pleasant ambiance and an atmosphere that makes wellness a memorable experience. The highly efficient and economical units installed by HANSA, partly with adiabatic evaporative cooling, even satisfy the requirement of the Therme of a long-lasting relaxation experience.

Application: Air conditioning for the swimming pool building

Units installed: Various HANSA units with a multitude of applications

Specific features: Economic operating mode of the units through adiabatic cooling

Photo credit: Spreewald Therme GmbH

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