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Blue Line PT / DPT

The possibility of heat recovery with plate heat exchangers as recuperators is carried out in our Blue Line PT (PT = plate heat exchanger) and Blue Line DPT (DPT = double plate heat exchanger) series of equipment, typically as cross-flow or counterflow heat exchangers.

As static systems, these recuperators are mechanically straightforward under design conditions. Furthermore, they offer a mostly sufficient separation of the air flows.

With appropriate design, which we guarantee, plate exchangers ERS meet the ErP Directive according to Regulation (EU) 1253/2014.

Depending on requirements, we install plate heat exchangers with increased corrosion protection (e.g. swimming pool area) or hydrophilic coatings for specific applications (e.g. spray humidifier).

Plate heat exchangers made of moisture-permeable materials are available as regenerators (e.g. Polybloc Vapobloc).

Our Blue Line PT/DPT units are individually configured and designed according to the air conditioning task to be fulfilled. Due to our modular HKG design, the series of equipment can be individually expanded with the necessary components in each case: integrated mechanical cooling or heat pump (also reversible), cold or hot water register, humidification and dehumidification, sterilization, etc.

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Additional information

Unit in action - double plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger in winter operation

Selected objects

Roadhouse Peppenhoven

During the refurbishment of the roadhouse Peppenhoven a HANSA-air-conditioning unit was installed here for the climatisation of salesrooms and the kitchen. Due to the location of the service station on the important north-south link A61 the premises are very busy, this makes high demands on the air conditioning. To meet this, an adiabatic evaporative cooling is installed to pre-cool the incoming air. The residual heat removal takes place, if necessary, by means of cold water coil. For energy recovery, a double plate heat exchanger with a cleaning device is used. Thus, the device achieves the energy efficiency class A +. Furthermore, the device is designed as an outdoor unit for roof mounting. The switch cabinet with the control is integrated in the device.

Application: Air-conditioning of the salesrooms and the kitchen in the roadhouse Peppenhoven.

Unit installed: Central air-conditioning unit in weather-proof design for roof mounting.

Specific features: Cooling the supply air through adiabatic evaporative cooling and cold water coil, if necessary. Energy recovery by using a double plate head exchanger. With enhanced corrosion protection and integrated control cabinet.

Tourist-Information Saarlouis

The district of Saarlouis maintains the tourist information am Großen Markt 1. It informs tourists and locals about the region and offers support and promotion for the local hospitality industry. At its 200th anniversary, the listed building was renovated. Since April 2016, this building has a HANSA air conditioner.

Application: Climatisation of the premises of the tourist Information centre Saarlouis.

Unit installed: Central ventilation unit with control and mechanical refrigeration system and additional refrigeration system to supply external consumers such as ceiling air circulation equipment with cold water.

Specific features: Heating, cooling and additional cold water production, energy recovery from the return air by using a plate heat exchanger.

Cinestar Dortmund

With its 14 halls and the technology used, no unfulfilled desires remain for movie buffs. One piece of this technology, which ensures an impressive cinema experience, is the various central roof units and indoor units from HANSA.

Application: Air conditioning for the cinema area

Units installed: Various central roof units and indoor units

Specific features: Completely insulated frames and panels for outdoor installation

Radisson Blu Hotel Hanover

[Translate to Englisch:] https://www.radissonblu.com/de/hotel-hannover

The four-star superior hotel in Hanover is just a few minutes from the largest exhibition center in the world, is away from the exhibition grounds and is ideal for both conference and leisure travelers. Our units from the Pool Line, Blue Line and Free Line series help to create the most pleasant atmosphere for guests.

Application: Air conditioning for the swimming pool area, the kitchen, conference rooms, guest rooms and sauna

Units installed: Central roof units and indoor units for conference rooms, guest rooms and sauna

Specific features: Completely insulated frames and panels for outdoor installation of the units

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