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Free Line cooling / complete air conditioning units

Our Free Line units are fully adjustable and configurable air conditioning units for free cooling for all air flows from 2,500 m3/h to over 100,000 m3/h.

For cooling server rooms, or for general discharging of process heat, the Free Line series units can be perfectly adapted to a range of applications and can have the following functions:

  • Ventilation
  • Mixing
  • Cooling (free and mechanical cooling)
  • Heating (optional)
  • Humidifying (optional)

The advantage of the Free Line concept in the area of cooling:

In a typical situation, 80 % of the operating time can be contested with free cooling (cooling with outside air), i.e., only the control electronics and two energy-saving fans operate, while the largest consumer, the cooling compressor, remains inactive.

The pie chart shows the distribution of the operating modes by run times: (1) mechanical cooling, (2) mechanical cooling/circulating air, (3) free cooling

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Free Line example mode: Cooling in recirculation mode

Free Line in action

Selected objects

Converter station DolWin3


Converter station DolWin3

The DolWin3 project is an important component of the German energy transition. Its primary function is to provide the low-loss transport of offshore wind power to consumers ashore by using the high-voltage direct current transmission method.

The essential components in this operation are the converter station located in Dörpen (Emsland) and the approx. 160 km cable leads from the offshore wind farms to the station.

HANSA equipped the converter station in Dörpen with the necessary air-conditioning and cooling technology. In the reactor hall, four supply-air units at 80,000 m³ / h and six return-air units at 33,500 m³ / h were used. The two throttle halls were equipped with two Free Line devices, each with 70,000 m³ / h.


Application: Air conditioning and cooling of the converter station in Dörpen.
Units installed: Ten supply- and return-air devices in weather-proof design in roof installation for ventilating the reactor hall; four Free Line units for climate control of the throttle halls.
Specific features: Paint partly in green according to the building color, DDC and control of HANSA, channel and device assembly by HANSA. Free Line devices with integrated refrigeration system.


EWE AG is a public utility company in the field of electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, information technology and the environment. Currently organized as a German public limited company EWE is considered the fifth largest electric supply company in Germany.

HANSA has equipped various EWE facilities cooling devices of the Slim Line Q series.

Application: Cooling of EWE telecommunications stations.

Units installed: Various Slim Line Q devices.

Specific features: Equipment of appliances with electric heating element.


Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom AG, as one of largest European telecommunications companies, has been using air conditioning units from HANSA for air conditioning a variety of telecom buildings for more than 20 years.

Application: Air conditioning of central offices and data centers

Units installed: approx. 8,000 Slim Line and Free Line air conditioning units

Specific features: Compact and highly efficient heat dissipating units with free cooling

Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe

In the Baden-Württemberg city of Karlsruhe, Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe (VBK) is the municipal transportation company. Various air conditioning units were delivered for the offices and computer rooms of VBK.

Application: Air conditioning of the offices and computer rooms

Units installed: various Hansa air conditioning units

Specific features: Suction side 4-flap system

Photo credit: Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe GmbH

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