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Overpressure systems for fresh food counters

Up to 25 meters of counter length per unit

HANSA LF-Hy units are crucial for improving the food hygiene of fresh food counters and had a significant impact on the creation of DIN 10505.

The HANSA system capitalizes on an air curtain, which is guided by the Coanda effect in such a way that neither the fresh goods nor the customers are affected by the air flow. Particles and germs do not reach the fresh goods while our LF-Hy ventilation units sterilely treat the circulating air.
Economically and ecologically, our air curtain systems make their mark through their conception as circulating air units: A reheating or precooling of the air flow is not required. The air used already complies with VDI 2082.

Optionally, the units can be integrated into an on-site cooling system and can be controlled by an external release.


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