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ReCool Line

Free Cooling represents the most efficient way for cooling thermally high loaded rooms or facilities, e.g. with our products Free Line or Slim Sline.

Nevertheless, various reasons (construction restrictions, high air purity requirements, special theft protection) may make space cooling necessary via circulating cooling only.

Furthermore, this cooling concept may represent the correct choice for space cooling in climate zones where free cooling with outside air is only possible to a very limited degree or even impossible.

Whatever boundary conditions are present, trust HANSA’s climate specialists and choose the right circulating air cooling device for you from our ReCool Line series.

Other features:

  • All devices are VDI 6022 compliant
  • Stable frame design featuring 30 mm planks, double-sided insulation
  • Controllable EC fan featuring energy efficient class IE4
  • Able to be delivered with integrated cooling system and external condenser or coolant register for integration with an existing coolant supply
  • External condenser equipped with regulated, highly efficient EC motors
  • Integrated DDC with web connection, modbus-capable


  • External condenser with “Low Noise” package
  • Compressor available as Digital Scroll
  • Extra FreeCool cube for free cooling mode available


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Selected objects

Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom AG, as one of largest European telecommunications companies, has been using air conditioning units from HANSA for air conditioning a variety of telecom buildings for more than 20 years.

Application: Air conditioning of central offices and data centers

Units installed: approx. 8,000 Slim Line and Free Line air conditioning units

Specific features: Compact and highly efficient heat dissipating units with free cooling

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