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Slim Line

Our Slim Line units: Manufactured thousands of times, highly efficient and compact units up to 3,200 m³/h and 15 kW cooling capacity for cooling rooms with high thermal loads with an energy advantage of more than 70% compared to circulating air or split models!

Slim Line units work in 3 operating modes:

  • Cooling with outside air: Cooling the room by discharging the hot air and blowing in cold outside air. Mixture of exhaust air and outside air depending on the required supply air temperature. Since no cooling system is needed, this operating mode represents an extremely efficient option for cooling.
  • Cooling with outside air and cooling system: The cooling system is activated when the outside air alone no longer meets the requirements.
  • Cooling with circulating air and cooling system: Operating mode for very high outside temperatures, when for logical reasons, the cooler indoor air is cooled in circulating air mode.

Figure: Slim Line wall units bring the processed outside air into the raised floor or near the ground in the server room. It takes the thermal energy from the server and extracts it from the room as exhaust air near the ceiling.

The Slim Line product family

  • Slim Line
  • Slim Line Q

Units with the product name Slim Line are equipped with a cooling capacity of 7 kW and 10 kW; those delivered with the product name Slim Line Q are equipped with a cooling capacity of 7 kW and 15 kW. Slim Line Q units can also be equipped with an electric heater if required. Special designs and individual adaptations are possible.

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VDI 6022


Slim Line product family

Slim Line 7 and 10 kW

Thanks to intelligent flap technology, the thinnest unit of the Slim Line series: This serial unit is available with 7 and 10 kW cooling capacity, and has already served our clients well for many years.

The Slim Line units of this type are extremely space-saving at an unbeatable price-performance ratio and adapt perfectly to your requirements.

  • Ultra flat air conditioning unit with separate outgoing and outdoor air unit
  • Design of the fan drives in EC technology
  • Supply air feed on the face or in a raised floor
  • Proven technology for many years
  • Low noise emissions
  • Ready-to-operate and ready-to-connect design

Slim Line Q 7 and 15 kW

The Slim Line Q compact air conditioning unit closes the gap between the Slim Line and the Free Line units.

Thanks to many clever detailed solutions, a separate outdoor unit can be dispensed with, without giving up the significant advantage of the Slim Line series of use under limited spatial possibilities.

For you, our new concept means an uncomplicated and thus cost-effective installation and a high profitability of your investment.

And of course all that with proven HANSA quality.

  • Space-saving and powerful up to 15 kW
  • Easy installation
  • Portable and movable with minimal effort, if required
  • Available with 7 kW and 15 kW cooling capacity
  • Many connection options
  • Efficient EC fans for integration in a channel network
  • Ready-to-operate and ready-to-connect design
  • With electric heater, if required

Our Slim Line Q models are VDI 6022 compliant.

Selected objects


EWE AG is a public utility company in the field of electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, information technology and the environment. Currently organized as a German public limited company EWE is considered the fifth largest electric supply company in Germany.

HANSA has equipped various EWE facilities cooling devices of the Slim Line Q series.

Application: Cooling of EWE telecommunications stations.

Units installed: Various Slim Line Q devices.

Specific features: Equipment of appliances with electric heating element.


Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom AG, as one of largest European telecommunications companies, has been using air conditioning units from HANSA for air conditioning a variety of telecom buildings for more than 20 years.

Application: Air conditioning of central offices and data centers

Units installed: approx. 8,000 Slim Line and Free Line air conditioning units

Specific features: Compact and highly efficient heat dissipating units with free cooling

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