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Converter station DolWin3


Converter station DolWin3

The DolWin3 project is an important component of the German energy transition. Its primary function is to provide the low-loss transport of offshore wind power to consumers ashore by using the high-voltage direct current transmission method.

The essential components in this operation are the converter station located in Dörpen (Emsland) and the approx. 160 km cable leads from the offshore wind farms to the station.

HANSA equipped the converter station in Dörpen with the necessary air-conditioning and cooling technology. In the reactor hall, four supply-air units at 80,000 m³ / h and six return-air units at 33,500 m³ / h were used. The two throttle halls were equipped with two Free Line devices, each with 70,000 m³ / h.


Application: Air conditioning and cooling of the converter station in Dörpen.
Units installed: Ten supply- and return-air devices in weather-proof design in roof installation for ventilating the reactor hall; four Free Line units for climate control of the throttle halls.
Specific features: Paint partly in green according to the building color, DDC and control of HANSA, channel and device assembly by HANSA. Free Line devices with integrated refrigeration system.

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