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Energy-optimized comfort and building protection

Swimming pools are some of the most energy intensive buildings. At water temperatures at around 30 °C, approx. 0.4 liters of water per hour evaporates per square meter of water surface. This enormous amount of evaporation leads to a correspondingly high humidity inside the swimming hall. This can cause significant structural damage. The people present are also no longer comfortable when the humidity is very high.

The main purpose of the ventilation systems is therefore dehumidifying and keeping the hall air temperature constant in the most energetically efficient manner and providing the amount of fresh air required to create proper hygienic conditions. The highest efficiency is achieved through the combination of plate heat exchangers with heat pumps integrated in the unit, like are preferentially used in our Swimming pool dehumidification equipment.

In addition to the technical device concept, the quality of the control and regulating algorithms is also very important. The HANSA control technology enables the optimal control of the humidification units, wherein the most efficient operating mode is automatically selected in each case.

In order to equip your project with the optimal control system, we adapt our regulating routines to your individual operating conditions. Thus we preserve the value of your investment and create a pleasant climate for your visitors and employees.

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Selected objects

Center Parcs Park Allgäu

In October 2018 opened in the Allgäu the first south German park of Center Parcs. Park Allgäu invites you to relax with its large Aqua Mundo tropical bathing paradise and separate Spa & Country Club. Activities for all ages can be found in this holiday park.

More than 30 air conditioning units from HANSA ensure pleasant stays in each of the areas.

Application: air conditioning of the entire system, i.a. Swimming pool, changing rooms, kitchen, children's playground etc.

Units installed: among other things 5 pool line units with double plate exchanger and Saia control, 4 highly efficient devices for family and entertainment area

Specific features: the devices in the entertainment sector offer highly efficient cooling thanks to adiabatic spray humidification and integrated cooling

Freiberger Platz pool complex, Dresden

The building complex for the Freiberger Platz swimming and diving center is the largest sports facility in Dresden for swimming and diving. Optimum training possibilities are provided with the eight 50 m lanes. If the highest performance is required, all constraints must be optimally fulfilled. Various HANSA Pool Line units ensure this in the ventilation area.


Application: Air conditioning for the swimming pool area and other building areas


Units installed: Various HANSA Pool Line units


Specific features: Completely insulated frames and panels for outdoor installation of the units

Bademaxx Speyer

An attractive pool and spa area, in which 2,700 m² of water surface can be used in the summer and 900 m² of water surface can be used in the winter. With attached saunas and steam baths, Bademaxx offers appropriate opportunities for relaxation for everyone. With a total of 8 ventilation units, including Blue Line Accu units, HANSA ensures the right atmosphere in this magnificent spa area.

Application: Air conditioning for the swimming pool

Units installed: Four Pool Line units, four central ventilation units

Specific features: Completely insulated outdoor unit with Accubloc technology for energy recovery

Lënster Lycée Junglinster

The Lënster Lycée is a high school in the Luxembourg village of Junglinster. To ensure an optimum education of almost 1,400 students, the school got a new building which was inaugurated in November 2014. For air-conditioning matters HANSA air devices are used. Worthy of mention are the extensive sports facilities and the school's own pool.

Application: Air-conditioning of the swimming pool, changing rooms and kitchen area
Units installed: 2 Pool Line units, 3 Blue Line units
Specific features: Delivery of 5 air conditioners for sports, swimming pool and canteen area. As a peculiarity here air conditioners are used with heat pumps or ASB Technology

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