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Waiting instead of maintaining?

Some operators see maintenance as an unnecessary cost or think they can even perform the work independently. They are unaware of the impending risks.

We would like to introduce you to the advantages of professional maintenance and enlighten you about the risks of forgoing maintenance so that your motto in the future is:

Maintaining instead of waiting!


Why you should choose us:


  • We set ourselves apart with qualified and responsible expert personnel

  • Complex systems require extensive expertise which only we, as the manufacturer, have completely

  • Each system obtaining maintenance receives a dated inspection sticker after completion of the maintenance

  • Services provided are documented in the form of maintenance and test logs

  • A significant advantage of the maintenance contract is that the price is fixed for the first 3 years, which enables costs to be planned safely. In addition, no disadvantages arise if the contractual relationship is dissolved at short notice (3 months)

  • Legal certainty

Have we peaked your interest? Then do not hesitate to contact us: service(at)hansa-klima.de


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