Wait and see instead of maintaining?

This cannot be your motto... Some operators see maintenance as an unnecessary cost or think they can do the work themselves. They are not aware of the risks involved.

We would like to introduce you to the advantages of professional maintenance and inform you about the risks of not carrying out maintenance, so that your motto in the future will also be:

Maintaining instead of waiting!

Why you should choose us:

  • we convince with qualified and responsible technical personnel
  • complex plants require comprehensive expertise, which only we as the manufacturer possess completely
  • each serviced plant receives a dated inspection sticker after completion of maintenance
  • services rendered are documented in the form of maintenance and measurement protocols
  • An essential advantage of the maintenance contract is the price commitment within the first 3 years, which allows a safe planning of the costs. In addition, you will not suffer any disadvantages due to the fact that the contractual relationship can be terminated at short notice (3 months).
  • Legal security