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Adiabatic evaporative cooling

The adiabatic cooling (evaporative cooling) is a building block for an ecological and economical leading technology in the manufacture of ventilation units. The HANSA Blue Line ASB system is implemented with a double cross-flow plate heat exchanger. The cooling of the outside air is up to 13 K. Thus, the recommended temperature difference between the outside temperature and room temperature of 6 K can usually be realized.


If cooling is required, the plate heat exchanger on the exhaust air side is sprayed with very finely atomized water, wherein the exhaust air is cooled through the adiabatic humidification of the air. This cooled exhaust air flows through the exchanger, thereby transferring the cooling capacity from the exhaust air side of the plate heat exchanger to the outdoor / incoming air flow. Through the principle of indirect adiabatic cooling described above, the absolute humidity in the incoming air does not increase.

  • (1) outside air
  • (2) exhaust air
  • (3) sprayer
  • (4) return air
  • (5) supply air
  • (6) double plate heat exhanger

The achievable cooling capacity is essentially a function of the outdoor and exhaust air temperature and the exhaust air humidity. Of course, the efficiency of the selected heat exchanger plays a role. With our ASB + system, only one side of the double plate exchanger can be sprayed with a 12K temperature reduction of the outside air temperature. And with a simple structure, low water consumption, with a robust system and without having to accept further pressure losses.

Advantages of the HANSA ASB system:

  • The HANSA ASB system is rigidly mounted and therefore maintenance-free
  • The spray stick is arranged plane-parallel to the heat exchanger so that a uniform wetting and thereby evaporation over the entry cross-section takes place
  • Almost complete evaporation of the water introduced with low water consumption
  • No circulating water, therefore no microbial growth
  • We offer an "all-in-one" solution with an independent, cost-effective control and cleaning device


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