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Variants of energy recovery

Energy recovery, when properly planned and implemented, offers significant advantages both for heating and cooling.

We make the physical processes and procedures transparent for you:

  • Representation of the functions
  • Representation of the mode of action (units in the entire process)
  • Representation of the energy dimensions for all units
  • Enthalpy values for the calculation of any performance size

Advantages when heating:

  • Recovery of heat energy
  • Humidity recovery
  • Only extremely low reheating required
  • Significant reduction of the boiler output
  • Lower energy consumption

Advantages when cooling:

  • High cold recovery
  • Substantial pre-dehumidification
  • Significant reduction of the mechanical cooling system
  • Significantly lower electrical connection values
  • Lower peak output through precooling and pre-dehumidification
  • Greatly reduced power consumption

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