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Fans are a central component in our air conditioning units - without a fan, there is no air flow. For such a significant component, we use only high-quality fans. We have been working together with our suppliers, in part for decades, so that we and especially our customers can expect to receive high-quality products in which a long service life can be anticipated.

The fan types used by HANSA are radial fans with backward curved blades. The air flow volume is regulated with EC or FU technology. The fans are individually matched to the application in each air conditioning unit. This is made possible through the different fan designs.

Thus, the product range includes the hygienic design for the medical and laboratory area, the coated design for corrosive media, the encapsulated design for ATEX units, the extractable design for fast and convenient maintenance and, depending on the installation situation, the fans can even be installed hanging on the units.


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