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We move around 90% of our time indoors. Thus, the primary concern for the use of a ventilation and air conditioning unit, the provision of a healthy and comfortable indoor air quality. In addition to temperature and humidity, this is determined above all by the quality of the external air filtration. The particulate matter pollution in the industrialized world today provides the necessary quality of filtering the outside air. In order to ensure the demand for good room air, the new filter standard DIN EN ISO 16890 introduces a new and better classification system for filters.

Depending on the location and purpose of use, the filters in the HANSA air conditioning units are installed according to this standard. Here, in addition to the necessary filter quality and the energy aspect is taken into account, since the filter operating costs are far higher than the filter acquisition costs.

In addition to pocket filters in different pocket lengths, compact filters and panel filters are also used. Other solutions, such as Activated carbon filters or terminal filters of the H-classes are also available.

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