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Our units are built according to a very high quality standard. In addition to high-quality materials, we ensure accuracy of fit and expert solutions for all details.

The basic concept of our equipment design is based on a frame structure made of aluminum profiles and double-shell paneling elements made of galvanized, additionally coated steel sheets with an intermediate insulating layer. Wall thicknesses of 30 mm and, alternatively, 50 mm can be realized with this system.

When choosing the wall thickness to be applied in each case, in addition to the demands on the thermal insulation properties, the mechanical strength and the size of the unit also play a role.

Depending on the operating conditions, we select the appropriate aluminum profile from our range of products. For areas with a risk of condensation, high-quality variants with thermal decoupling are available.

In highly corrosive atmospheres, we design all aluminum parts anodized.

With this basic concept and the production technology used by us, we can respond to highly individual requirements of our customers.

And this does not apply with us: You can order any color, as long as it is white. Even here, we can implement (almost) any of your requests.


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