Electrical engineering

Our electrical engineering expertise is the best choice for our devices in several respects:

HANSA DDCs control optimally

We develop the control strategies of our systems taking into account the device type, the specific application, the installed components and the on-site conditions. Only in our factory all relevant information for an economical, ecological and safe control comes together.

Customer-oriented solutions

In addition to our own HEC-DDC (HANSA Energy Control), which covers many standard applications at a reasonable price, other control brands (e.g. saia-burgess or Siemens) can be used according to necessity and agreement.

Legal certainty - units with CE marking

Only units with regulation can be CE marked. Since the required conformity assessment procedure must also be carried out for incomplete machines (AHUs without control), unnecessary additional costs are incurred here when consulting a third party for certification.

Simplified service handling

With a HANSA DDC, the operator has a single point of contact for all service inquiries. With our DDC management systems, we link the control systems of our air-conditioning units to a higher-level building management system or to the Internet, thereby enabling remote access to our units for the purposes of operation, fault management, changing parameters and the like.

The web server management systems thus offer considerable advantages:

  • no additional software required
  • operation of the equipment from any PC/laptop connected to the Internet (the web browser is the access software)
  • interactive control scheme for easy operation
  • high security due to multiple password protection
  • optimal and cost-effective remote management facility (remote service and remote analysis)
  • our freely programmable controllers are fully Modbus and BACnet compatible.