Energy recovery

We use all common methods of energy recovery:

- Plate exchanger

- Rotor with different coatings

- Accubloc

- closed loop system

Our types of equipment, where they are used: Blue Line

Energy recovery, properly planned and implemented, offers significant advantages in both heating and cooling applications.

We make the physical processes and procedures transparent for you

  • Representation of the functions
  • Representation of the mode of operation
  • Representation of the energy dimensions for all aggregates
  • Enthalpy values for the calculation of any power dimension

Advantages in case of heating

  • Heat energy recovery
  • Moisture recovery
  • only extremely low reheating required
  • substantial reduction of boiler output
  • low energy consumption

Advantages in cooling mode

  • high cold recovery
  • considerable pre-dehumidification
  • Substantial reduction in the size of the mechanical refrigeration system
  • substantially lower electrical connected loads
  • lower peak capacity due to pre-cooling and pre-dehumidification
  • greatly reduced power consumption