Our units are constructed to an extremely high quality standard. In addition to high-quality materials, we focus on accuracy of fit and expert solutions in every detail.

The basic concept of our unit design is based on a frame construction made of aluminium profiles and double-shell planking elements made of galvanised and additionally coated steel sheets with an intermediate insulation layer. Wall thicknesses of 30 mm and, alternatively, 50 mm can be realised with this system.

Along with the requirements for thermal insulation properties, the mechanical strength and the size of the unit plays a role when choosing the wall thickness to employ in each case.

We select the appropriate aluminium profile from our range, depending on the conditions of use. High-quality variants with thermal decoupling are available for areas with a risk of condensation, including in T2/TB2 or T2/TB1.

We anodise all aluminium components in highly corrosive atmospheres.

We can address very individual specifications of our customers with this basic concept and the manufacturing technology we employ.

And we certainly don’t subscribe to the idea that you can order any colour – as long as it’s white. Here, too, we can respond to (almost) every one of your wishes.

And with us it is not true: You can order any color, it just has to be white. Here, too, we can realize (almost) any of your wishes.

Air handling / air conditioning / central unit in accordance with VDI 3803 and VDI 6022, produced in a climate-neutral manner, consisting of an elegant, corrosion-resistant, closed and self-supporting profile frame construction made of aluminium (3-chamber hollow profile), for accommodating unit walls or unit doors and for accommodating individual units. The frame construction accommodates all heavy fitted parts, and no strain is placed on cladding elements. This ensures deformation-free installation, even during crane transportation.

Pursuant to VDI 3803 and VDI 6022, frame is completely smooth; no protruding screws or sharp edges, no open-pored insulation in the air stream.

Frame profile with special grooves to accommodate the easily replaceable special seal acting on the suction and pressure sides, which is made of acid-resistant, closed-pore and ageing-resistant EPDM rubber, tested to VDI 6022, resistant to disinfectants and suitable for hot disinfection.

The device is connected using special aluminium clamps within the device components. Solid design and high fitting accuracy on the profile, variable positioning in the longitudinal profile direction, no slipping due to offsetting. The special clamps protect the profiles from distortion or weakening due to drilling. A flush closure of the profiles at the joints is achieved with high tightness by means of a special seal in the profile grooves. Thanks to their simple screw connection, the special clamps permit speedy and flexible assembly of individual cubes without twisting the profiles.

Double-shell equipment walls conforming to VDI 3803 and VDI 6022 with internal insulation, ensuring high stability and good sound and heat insulation. The double-shell unit walls are manufactured using the hemming method, ensuring that there are no sharp edges on the outside and that the walls are, consequently, permanently protected against corrosion. All unit walls are detachable and removable, thanks to screw connections, and they also have a smooth surfaced design without protruding screws (in order to comply with applicable standards).

Unit floors (design same as for walls) are inherently rigid and dimensionally stable under a load. All joints are sealed in the floor area for easy and residue-free cleaning.

Inspection elements are completely removable for maintenance and cleaning of functional units and are designed as service covers or service doors with readjustable hinges and with contact pressure that can be regulated. All other unit walls are detachable and removable through screw connections to facilitate maintenance and repair. The inspection elements are available in the following design:

Service cover,

completely removable, with external self-pressing toggle fasteners and operating handles.​​​​​​​

Hinged service door with external self-pressing toggle fasteners and operating handles. Doors on the pressure side are equipped with a safety catch.


Hinged service door with double lever locks opening from outside and inside, optionally lockable. Doors on the pressure side are equipped with a safety catch.

Selected design and quality dependent on individual unit design.​​​​​​​

Coating offers high corrosion protection:

The coating of the fitted parts produced by the unit manufacturer (e.g. silencers, fitted parts of heating and cooling coils, condensate trays) is designed to conform with protection class C5-H. This means that fitted parts have particularly effective protection against corrosion.​​​​​​​

The unit is produced in a climate-neutral manner.


The carbon footprint of the manufacturer and production operations, as well as product-related emissions from raw material production to the factory gate, were calculated by an independent body. Product-related emissions were determined on the basis of market-related secondary emission factors.

Greenhouse gas emissions caused by operational and product-related activities are offset by the purchase of an appropriate number of climate protection certificates. The corresponding certificates can be presented on request.

The company has received climate-neutral company and climate-neutral product awards for offsetting greenhouse gases.

Supplement for swimming pool version

The unit in the swimming pool version is particularly resistant to corrosion due to the coating of all fitted parts to protect against chlorinated air (no galvanised materials are in the air stream). In addition, all joints and seams inside the unit are sealed.​​​​​​​

Supplement for hygienic design


The unit with the hygienic design conforming to DIN 1946 Part 4 is resistant to disinfectants and easy to clean. In addition, all joints and seams inside the unit are sealed.

Construction, components and materials certified by the engineering office for ventilation technology run by Jacob Kornack (Ingenieurbüro für Lüftungstechnik, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jacob Kornack).

Supplement for weatherproof units

In addition, the unit housing is sealed to render it weatherproof.

The unit is designed with a curved unit roof made of galvanised and, additionally, hot-dip coated sheet steel with an overhang on all sides and a drip edge for the safe drainage of rainwater. The unit roof is designed with additional insulation for thermal and acoustic optimisation.

The material and colour of the unit roof correspond to the outer sheets of the unit.  

The unit is pre-assembled in the factory on a circumferential, torsionally rigid, welded base frame of (at least) galvanized rectangular hollow sections. Stiffeners and cross-members are arranged relative to the centre of gravity of the unit. The frame is provided with fastening options for heavy-duty hooks which can be removed once the equipment has been installed. The heavy-duty hooks are provided on loan by the equipment manufacturer. The base frame is also provided with an earthing lug. A drainage element is only provided in the event of installation on a roof mounting frame.  

All operating doors will be equipped with a hold-open device to prevent sudden slamming.

A floor pan with drain is integrated in the intake area of the outside air chamber in order to safely drain off any rainwater that may accumulate there.

All louvre dampers are installed inside the unit. The fresh air damper is additionally coated. The filter frame in the outside air intake is additionally coated.