School ventilation

Our solutions for the protection of our children


Why did school ventilation first become an issue in connection with COVID-19?


The air handling industry has known for decades that “bad air” in classrooms leads to concentration problems and reduces performance. But didn’t we all already know this from our own school days? Wintertime, heating on full blast, so that everyone is warm, the window closed firmly so that it stays warm (who is not familiar with the saying: No one has ever stunk to death, but many have frozen...) and then the sixth/seventh/eighth lesson ...

Headaches and fatigue were inevitable, and the subject matter of the lesson was usually quickly forgotten.

That has been the basic situation for decades. However, the staggering fact is that solutions to this problem have been available for a long time. Forced ventilation of classrooms has long been possible with air handling units, but the remedying of this situation was until recently not considered to be important enough. As a consequence, about 90% of classrooms in Germany are not equipped with a proper ventilation system.


Then along came COVID-19...

..and ventilation in classrooms has now become, so to speak, systemically relevant. And rightly so! It has finally been recognised that effective ventilation in the classroom is absolutely essential for the protection of our children and concentration during learning. In addition to classrooms, this applies to day care centres for children.


School air handling systems from HANSA

The HANSA portfolio encompasses all systems necessary for good school ventilation and required for different configurations:

Centralised units: In the case of new school buildings in particular, it is advisable to install a unit centrally in a utility room or weatherproofed on the roof in order to supply rooms with fresh air via a duct system. Our Blue Line units are designed for this purpose, as we can vary their configuration to meet individual requirements at the respective location.


Decentralised units: It’s often necessary to retrofit existing school buildings with new units. Our broad range of compact units is ideal for this purpose. For example, our P-unit series can be used to achieve floor-by-floor ventilation. We have developed the Air Box 800 for retrofitting directly in the classroom. This unit is, so to speak, ready to plug in and can be installed directly at the back or front of the classroom. The unit can be installed in the classroom within three days with a simple duct connection to the outside environment.

We can also provide our Hepa Tower 400 and Hepa Tower 1200 recirculating air purification units if equipping with centralised or decentralised units is not possible, or if measures need to be taken on short notice in order to protect the health of students.

What you should know:

  • Our equipment is manufactured in Germany in accordance with the highest standards.
  • Our units are of a hygienically safe design, and we are certified in this respect.
  • Our devices are produced climate neutrally. We are a climate-neutral company.
  • We are certified according to Eurovent and the AHU association (air handling technology association).
  • With our own ICE department, we ensure energy-optimised unit operation.
  • We offer a complete service package for our units, including hygiene maintenance and acceptance.

Please contact us if you have any questions!