Efficient air handling in offices: Best conditions for a good work environment

Office buildings must maintain consistently good air quality, as

  • a large number of studies unanimously agree that indoor air quality has a significant impact on employee work performance,
  • VDI 6022 provides precise specifications for hygienically perfect indoor air,
  • Legal and technical regulations for workplaces define the maximum acceptable temperature in office buildings (26 °C).

The best results are achieved through high fresh air rates with hygienically perfect air treatment. On hot summer days, active cooling of of supply air in order to maintain comfortable room temperatures is unavoidable in most cases, but it is often achievable through adiabatic evaporative cooling – and at low operating costs as well.

We employ highly efficient heat, cold and moisture recovery systems that minimise air treatment costs.

To ensure that the components used are fully effective, we prefer to provide our units with our own control systems, which we adapt to address customer-specific conditions precisely. Naturally, our​​​​​​​ control systems can also be connected to the existing building management system and monitored remotely.

Our product portfolio includes the​​​​​​​ Kompakt Line and Blue Line series. Detailed references can be found here.