Hygro Line dehumidifiers

Hygro Line 5000 special unit from HANSA Klimasysteme: Highly efficient recirculating air dehumidification

Unit specifications:

  • HKG frame construction with 30 mm panel thickness T3/TB2, D2(M), L1(M), filter bypass leakage F9(M)
  • Integrated control cabinet with SAIA DDC and 7" touch control panel
  • Mechanical refrigeration system for dehumidification with condenser reheating inside the unit and additional external condenser
  • Air/air plate exchanger for recirculation energy recovery, including bypass damper for direct recirculation operation
  • Integrated electric heating coil
  • EC fan
  • Exhaust air filter
  • L x H x D: 1280 x 2970 x 1380 mm

Unit data for a nominal flow rate of 5000m3/h:

  • Dehumidification capacity: 16.5 kg/h
  • Total electrical power input: 7 kW (100% cooling capacity, without external condenser)
  • Cooling capacity: 23 kW
  • Condenser – reheat: 28 kW
  • Electric heating coil reheating: 18 kW

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