HANSA LF-Hy units were developed to improve food hygiene at fresh produce counters and they also significantly influenced the development of the DIN 10505 standard.

The HANSA system relies on an air curtain that is guided in a manner that ensures that neither the fresh produce nor the customers are affected by the air flow. Particles and germs do not reach the fresh produce, and the LF-Hy air handling units process and sterilise the circulating air.

The units are designed as filter fan and recirculation units. The air drawn in is pre-filtered and then cleaned of particles and germs with a highly effective hygiene filter. The air used complies with VDI 2082, and the highly efficient EC fan can be readjusted if pressure losses increase. Filter pressure monitoring indicates when the filter needs to be replaced. The units can be optionally integrated into an on-site refrigeration (heat pump) system and controlled through external release.

These units can also be used to excellent effect for general disinfection of air in rooms occupied by people (e.g. restaurants, waiting rooms in doctors' surgeries, etc.). 

At a recommended 6-fold air change per hour in the room:

LF-Hy-0.4: 400 m3/h-> up to ~60 m3 room volume

LF-Hy-1: 1000 m3/h-> up to ~162 m3 room volume

LF-Hy-2: 2000 m3/h-> up to ~324 m3 room volume

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