ReCool Line recirculating air cooling units

In climatically temperate zones, free cooling is the most efficient method for dissipating heat from thermally highly stressed rooms.

Nevertheless, for various reasons (structural restrictions, high requirements for air purity, special protection against theft), it may be necessary to realise room heat dissipation through purely recirculating air cooling.

Furthermore, this cooling concept may well be the right choice for room heat dissipation in climatic zones where free cooling with outside air is only possible to a very limited extent.

Whatever the boundary conditions may be, place your trust in HANSA, the air conditioning specialist, and select the right recirculating air cooling unit for your needs from our ReCool Line series units.


General equipment features:

  • All units conform to VDI 6022
  • Stable frame construction with 30 mm planking, double-shell insulation
  • Adjustable EC fan with IE4 energy efficiency class
  • Available with an integrated refrigeration system and external condenser or cold water coil for integration in an existing cold water supply system
  • External condenser equipped with controlled, high-efficiency EC motors
  • Integrated DDC with web connection, Modbus capable.
  • Further technical data: See the catalogue.


  • Complete installation of the system by HANSA
  • External condenser available with low noise package
  • Refrigeration compressor can be designed as a digital scroll
  • Additional FreeCool cube for the use of free cooling


ReCool Line units as BIM files


Our ReCool Line units can be downloaded as Revit family files for any possible configuration. This makes the integration of the units into your planning even easier.



BIM Download



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