Slim Line

Our Slim Line units: Thousand-fold manufactured, highly efficient and compact units with a cooling capacity of up to a maximum of 3,200 m³/h and 15 kW for cooling rooms that are thermally highly stressed – plus an energy advantage of over 70% when compared to purely recirculation or split units!


Slim Line units work in 3 operating modes:

  • Cooling with outside air: The room is cooled by discharging the warm air and blowing in cold outside air. Mixing of the exhaust and outside air depends on the required supply air temperature. Since no refrigeration system is required, this mode of operation is an extremely efficient way of cooling.
  • Cooling with outside air and refrigeration system: The refrigeration system is activated when outside air alone no longer meets the requirements.
  • Cooling with recirculated air and refrigeration system: Operating mode for very high outdoor temperatures, when it makes sense to cool the cooler room air in recirculation mode.


The units with the product designation Slim Line are available with a cooling capacity of 7 and 10 kW, those with the product designation Slim Line Q with a cooling capacity of 7 and 15 kW. The Slim Line Q units can also be equipped with an electric heater if required. Special designs and individual adaptations are possible.



Thanks to intelligent flap technology, the slimmest child of the Slim Line series: Available with 7 and 10 kW cooling capacity, this series unit has been serving our customers well for many years.

The Slim Line units of this design are extremely space-saving with an unbeatable price-performance ratio and adapt perfectly to your requirements.

  • Ultra-flat air handling unit with separate exhaust and fresh air unit
  • Design of the fan drives in EC technology
  • Supply air ducting at the front or in a raised floor
  • technology proven for many years
  • low noise emissions
  • ready for operation and connection

The Slim Line Q compact air conditioner is the gap between the Slim Line and Free Line units.

Thanks to many clever detail solutions, it was possible to do without a separate outdoor unit without giving up the essential advantage of the Slim Line series, the use under limited spatial possibilities.

For you, our new concept means uncomplicated and therefore cost-effective installation and a high return on your investment.

And all of this, of course, in proven HANSA quality.

  • space-saving and powerful up to 15 kW
  • simple assembly
  • mobile if required and can be moved with little effort
  • available with 7 kW and 15 kW cooling capacity
  • many connection variants
  • powerful EC fans for integration into duct networks
  • ready for operation and connection
  • with electric heating if required

Our Slim-Line Q models are VDI 6022 compliant.


Slim Line devices as BIM files


Our Slim Line devices can be downloaded as Revit family files for any possible configuration. This makes the integration of the devices into your planning even easier.



BIM Download



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